Sauerkraut is enjoyed the world over—not only because of its unique flavor, but because it can be served hot or cold in so many delicious ways. In addition to its use as a popular condiment on hot dogs and bratwurst, you'll find that sauerkraut is also a very versatile ingredient for making appetizers, soups, stews, salads, classic main dishes like sauerkraut and pork, side dishes, and even dessert!

Our sauerkraut recipe collection has them all—and we invite you to experience one of our popular classics or contemporary choices at your next meal.

And when you do pick out a recipe to prepare, take a look at the choice of sauerkraut "tastes" GLK Foods offers. Silver Floss Traditional for tart and tangy. Bavarian style with a hint of caraway for a sweet and mild accent. For a crisp and cool side dish, check out Krrrrisp Kraut in both Traditional and Bavarian styles in your grocer's refrigerated section. If you and your eating companions are into organic, try our Cortland Valley Organic brand. And now with our new Saverne Raw Natural Kraut flavors of Sriracha, Dill & Garlic, Curtido, Curry and Bavarian, there are even more options to create a savory addition to your table. Go to for recipes specifically tailored for our new flavors.